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Over a decade of experience comes together to offer you a full suite of weapons ready to deploy!
Whatever you or your company needs rest assured HPG Media will be there!


Stand out amongst your competition with excellent photography. Whether it’s natural or studio lit photography HPG Media will be there to help you!


Videos are key in conveying many messages. Whether you need Brand Story, Story, or Promotional videos HPG Media has you covered!


Marketing services range all the way from, logo design to social media strategies. We will sit down and analyze together your goals!

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Mobile First

Your strategy HAS to include mobile in this day and age. That’s why we specialize in offering this service for you. Getting the professional created content in the hands of your customers! Creating Social media ads or content is just one of our specialities – it also happens to be one of our favorites!

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Be Different & Be You.

Justin Wegner, owner and lead creative of HPG Media, has spent basically his whole career beating to the sound of his own drum. This has lead to a unique vision, and standing out from the crowd. He’s taken this ability and harnessed it for many companies for their marketing and sales needs. Whether you’re looking for someone to design a logo, develop a fully functional website, or creating content to separate yourself from the crowd, look no further – HPG Media is your one stop shop.

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